Rematerialisation — process of being material again
As a concept, rematerialisation is not an easy subject to understand but it is a part of our daily life. Since it is so frequent in our life, it easily fails to be noticed. But when the receiver perceives the patterns belonging to a subject, it is simple to keep similarities identified in various fields.

The research applies the subject into the medium. The main argument of the research is that, matter is changed when it becomes digital and it rematerialises into the physical world again. Both phases are physical and belong to our world but there are differences between the first and the last stages of the matter.
cover textures are made by omnicrom foil transfer — each cover has unique pattern
Major Project Report — is a book to expand a concept.
It presents an experience to understand the impact of materialisation between types of medium and how it distort the message. Message is to provoke a new way of seeing, finding patterns in digital and real world. It links these opposite worlds together by using progress of rematerialisation.
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Rematerialisation — process of being material again
Major Project Report
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